About Us

Our humble beginnings

Due to a passion for people, Photographer and founder, Darsha Govender, created Photo Flair. She has been drawing people since she was a child. In addition to this, her interest in photography spanned just as long. Thanks to a gifted camera in 2012, she was able to pursue photography full time. From 2012 – 2014 she spent every waking moment learning all she could. Photography was a natural extension of her talents. Finally, she created Photo Flair pty ltd in August of 2014.

We create magic with our clients

There is something special about the interaction between client and photographer: that spark that helps you shine in front of the lens. There is magic in it, and this magic is what Photo Flair specialises in. Helping our clients relax during their shoot, while simultaneously producing work that fits their brief. We have worked with corporates, families, and everything in between. Tailoring the experience to each individual client.


You can expect the best photography

We ensure results every time because we do our own Art Direction behind the lens. Darsha’s honesty with her clients aids this process immensely. They are always aware of what is needed to get the job done and their desired results. At Photo Flair, Darsha also handles conceptualisation for photo shoots. Basically, If you don’t know what to do for your shoot, she helps you flesh the idea out.

What Photo Flair shoots:

  • Matric dance photography
  • Event photography
  • Family photography
  • Portrait shoots (for websites, personal use, profile images, etc)
  • Weddings
  • Product photography
  • Premises photography


If you would like a personal quotation, please feel free to email me. Alternatively, if you would like to view our packages, you can do so here. In conclusion, if you are as passionate about great photography as we are, I can’t wait to hear from you!