Welcome to Photo Flair! My name is Darsha, and I’ve been a photographer and retoucher (fancy word for photo editor) for the past 10 odd years. It’s been an awesome journey and I’ve learnt so much!

I’ve made the decision to share the knowledge I’ve gained over this time with people as excited about photography as I am, because of the new phase of life I’m in after having a child. Please read below to see the courses I offer and click through for more information.

For now, all the courses are in person only, in group classes. As time goes on, we will implement some online courses too. If you are interested in one on one classes for anything specific, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

Most of the courses below are exclusively phone photography courses. This is to allow almost anyone to participate. Camera’s are expensive, and not everyone can afford one but I don’t want that to stop you. I want to teach you if you have an interest, passion, or need for photography in your daily life. Any course that doesn’t say “phone” is for normal DSLR cameras.

Select the Course for you

Creative Phone Photography

The best camera is the one you have, and if you have a passion for capturing the world around you, often times, the camera you have on hand is your phone. In this year long course, I teach you everything you need to know to take incredible photographs with your phone, and so much more! Click below for the full low down on what’s on offer.

Real Estate Phone Photography

Learn how to create breath taking Real Estate photographs with your phone that SELL your properties in this short course, because we all know a picture speaks a thousand words. Discounts applicable for corporate bookings.

Get off Auto Course

This is a course just for those enthusiastic hobbyists or aspiring photographers who want to learn how to take mesmerising photographs like this one, and start using manual mode on their camera’s. This is also a long course, as the fundamentals of photography will be taught. If you have participated in the Creative Phone photography course, you will only need to partake in certain sections.