Years of experience as an artist ensure that you are in good hands. From creative direction of your shoot, and coming up with various ideas, to ensuring a result that “wow’s” every time, Darsha has got you covered.

For my private clients, I create an unforgettable, fun experience, while producing model worthy photographs of you, no matter your background or how comfortable you are in front of a camera. I spend time warming you up to the lens, so that when the shoot really starts, we work together to bring out your absolute best, most beautiful side. That side of you that those who love you see, but that you will never see in a mirror.

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

Annie Leibovitz

My corporate clients get the benefit of a light smith. Able to create crisp, clean, deep etched product photos, or fun quirky brand-aligned images – we’ve got you covered. I take some time to understand your specific business needs for the photographs before the shoot date, to ensure that what I produce aligns with your vision for your brand and business. We will start offering the ability to create short, fun, TikTok marketing videos for our corporate clients in the near future too!

I look forward to working with you to make your visions come to life! 😀