Nikita Naranasamy & Akhil Maharaj

After spending some time away from my camera in a professional capacity, due to various life events – I’m so excited to be picking it back up! Recently, I got an amazing opportunity to set up a photo booth in Pavilion Shopping Centre thanks to the wonderful folks at Kruz Koffees and Notha Youth Empowerment. So this past weekend, we decided to photograph love at our Pavilion Shopping Centre pop up studio. Being a professional photographer, setting up a pop up studio in the space was exciting to say the least.

Despite things starting off slow, and being a bit quiet initially, I got some fantastic photos of the cutest couple, a mom and her daughter, and an amazing woman who I am happy to say I think has become a friend. For this article though, let’s focus on the happy couple.

The Adorable Couple

Nikita Naranasamy & Akhil Maharaj being cute at our professional pop up studio in Pavilion shopping centre

It was their very first Valentines day together, and their story is so sweet. Meet the beautiful Nikita Naranasamy, and her lovely boyfriend Akhil Maharaj.

They’ve known each other for years, and recently took the leap and started dating. Seeing the love and joy between these two was fantastic, and really made it a special Valentine’s. I really hope to do a longer shoot with them, as their energy is amazing!

There’s just something about a new relationship that can be so intoxicating. The electricity between you, how everything is new and exciting. The amazing journey that takes place while you are learning about each other. Dating a person who can be your best friend, confidant, cheerleader, and all around support system is amazing. I definitely got that vibe between Nikita and Akhil. I’m sure they will be together for many more Valentine’s days to come!

Genuine joy can’t be faked. Real happiness always shines through.

Darsha Govender

Don’t feel left out!

If you want to grab some memorable photographs with your loved one, but don’t have the money to fork out for a full shoot, consider coming through to Pavilion Shopping Centre and visiting me there! I am doing mini photo shoots upstairs, in that area where the elevators are, next to Westpack, in front of the Social Gallery. And even if you aren’t interested in having photos taken, please consider just popping past and saying hi. From March 2022, we will be there every Sunday.

As I’m new to Durban, meeting people and learning about the place has been an incredible journey! I look forward to meeting you, and who knows, maybe we’ll be creating an amazing experience and breathtaking photographs together at your shoot next!

Are you looking for a photographer or professional pop up studio?

If you would like to hire a professional photographer, or get a pop up studio for your next event where we can create magical photos for your guests and make them feel special, please feel free to contact us. We love to make magic happen, and establish real, genuine connections with our clients.


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